My name is Rhonda and I am the Owner of Help Me Rhonda Services!

The last time I walked into an office and worked for someone else was February 2012.  I have had some ups and downs in the last 6 months of not working. I have served in a variety of volunteer positions, I have donated time to helping others build their businesses and I have wallowed in some self pity thinking I was not worthy of being successful.

I have looked for work but honestly not as hard as I could have, really not wanting to go back into an office environment and work hard for someone else, not achieving anything more then a paycheck.  I have lived that life for a long time and was never happy. My happiness was in serving others, giving of my talents without condition or expectation.

Did self doubt prevent me from stepping out in faith? I had a conversation with Michelle and used my weight as an excuse just hoping I wouldn’t have to talk about the risk anymore. I wasn’t worthy of being my own boss. I wasn’t worthy of building a business that was centered on my Christian value and morals. YES I WAS!

Help Me Rhonda Services was born sitting at a networking event on August 7th. I bought the domain name, ordered some business cards and started networking. I had little expectation. In fact someone asked me if this was what I was going to do until I found a “real” job.  I sat on that discouragement a bit and questioned again was I worthy.

I took such a leap of faith and just put myself out there. Today…..almost 1 month into this I have an event I am planning, 30 hours of consistent work a week and unbelievable abundance. I pray daily that the Lord use me to serve and that His Will be mine! I believe in myself and what I offer.

Did I really just open my own company?

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2 thoughts on “Did I really just open my own company?

  1. Lori Bloomer says:

    Congtatulations, Rhonda! I am very proud of you!

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