Stepping over the hurdles

I have committed myself to working for myself. In plain English it really means my successes are dependent on how hard I want to work.  Most days that is pretty hard since I have a family to feed!

There are several things that never occurred to me about owning a business before I started one.  Things that could be potential obstacles, working against your goals of being successful. I wanted to put these things out there hoping that others that dream of being self-employed will have answers they might be looking for.

1. If you do not excel at “it” find some assistance with “it”. I am learning this now about building my company website. It may come with a small cost to get it complete but I am not using my own energies. This frees me up to do something else more productive.

2. Find the right networking venues that fit your business goals.  There are hundreds of different network groups in your local area. Not all of them will benefit your business. In fact most of them will be business card swaps. Look for like-minded groups and form business circles who will support your goals.

3. Be specific in your marketing and referral needs.  This lets your business circle support you and your new business venture.  If your business want to target women ages 35-50 than let others know, why would you want to waste that time.

4. Never schedule your meetings with clients over lunch.  Seems innocent enough, casual conversation while you eat a meal you were already planning but that meeting could last much longer than expected. Stick to a cup of coffee or mid-morning office meeting where you can control your time.

5. Last but still just as important, make time to answer emails, phone messages and downtime through your work week to prevent burnout and lost business!

I am now in week 5 with Help Me Rhonda Services. I am gaining some momentum and getting my new message out there. I am still working on a life/work balance but it seems easier everyday!

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One thought on “Stepping over the hurdles

  1. Diane says:

    Wow–you’ve learned a lot in your short time as a business “owner.” I think that will be the case for you, instead of the business “owning” you, which is what I experience for a long time since I did not learn these things early on.

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