Back to the A, B, C’s

Help Me Rhonda Services is a support staff for small business.  I always use the scenario below with potential new customers to help them see what I offer.

“That stack you have at the corner of your desk, that special project you never have time to get too because your essential duties take up all your time, I come in and get you back to level. ”  Is it really that no one has time to get their work done or is it really a matter of how you prioritize your day and goals?

If you believe that you can’t make the time to finish what you start or add just one more thing to your plate than you might just not want to read the rest of this blog. Prioritizing is a TOUGH task. Rather than focusing on what you can’t get done, lets take a look at how your efforts to organize can change that outcome!

1. Always, always, always, did I mention you ALWAYS need to plan your day!  Anything that occurs on a daily basis should top that list. Make sure you add your breaks and your lunch to that list, you might even choose to skip them but they are part of your essential day!

2. Keep a side list of disruptions, extended phone calls, socialize time (yes that 15 minutes you took in the break room refilling that cup of coffee and talking to a co-worker about the weekend) and things that pull you away from your daily workload. Own the time you might be wasting during the day.

3. Once you have compiled your list of tasks, keep track of the time it takes to complete said task. Use a full work week to keep track, everyday is different.  It may seem that it will only take 15 minutes to enter a stack of checks when in real time it actually takes 30 minutes. Don’t fool yourself, it will only set you up for failure.

4.  Special projects will come up. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can’t make time to get that done too. Blend them into your day with a simple ABC method of planning. Highest priority is an A and things that can wait move to the end of the list.

Once you habitually use this plan, your day will run much smoother. My Dad used to say we all have the same 168 hours a week, How do you think Lee Iaccoca would handle this?  I am sure it never made the work load less but it always reminded me that I had a lot less on my plate than he did.

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